Jenifer is a Master Nutrition Therapist and owner of Health Nutritional Therapy. She is dedicated to helping people with weight management, sports performance nutrition and disease and prevention. Jenifer focuses on cancer treatment and prevention, wellness, weight loss, gastrointestinal distress, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, diabetes, depression, food allergies and athletic performance.

Education and Background
Jenifer  received her Practitioner License at the Nutritional Therapy Institute in Denver and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences from Texas A&M University. Jenifer has over 10 years experience working in research with cancer patients at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. She also has her Master’s Degree in Business and Finance from St. Thomas University in Houston, Texas, where she diversified her work experience in areas Biotechnology and Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). She continues her education at various conferences and seminars throughout the country mainly through The Institute of Functional Medicine. She focuses on wellness, weight loss, gastrointestinal distress, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, athletic performance, and food allergies.

Starting out in a cancer research hospital as well as in alternative therapies, Jenifer has also has a passion for sport. Her clients include professional and amateur athletes, people with cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, allergies, autoimmune disease, weight imbalance, etc. She enjoys the diversity that exists amongst her clients; some are fine tuning, and some are starting fresh.

Nutrition and Lifestyle
Jenifer’s nutrition philosophy is one that looks at the total person. Not only on dietary intakes and supplements; but lifestyle, prevention, and the use of natural therapies. She works closely with various caregivers from licensed physical therapists and acupuncturists to MDs and NDs to to form a healing team that addresses the needs of the whole person.

Health Nutritional Therapy has it’s office in Castle Rock, Colorado and serves clients across Colorado and the US.